We shared with our parishioners two weeks ago a summary of the work accomplished through the generous support of our parishioners in the Capital Campaign. We reiterate that sincere Thank you!

We also introduced the new work that has begun on the exterior of the south wall of the nave, with pictures of examples of the damage. A little background and a summary of the work we are facing:

As we began the first work on the Capital Campaign in November 2015 – preparing to install a new air-conditioning system in the church, signs of water leakage around some windows was noticed. This damage appeared to be confined to a few sites. It was assumed that the repair and the repainting would be limited to those sites, and that such work would be addressed after the major work in the church was completed.

However, over the past two years we have discovered that the water damage was far more extensive than originally thought, more and more sites presenting evidence of serious leakage, largely around the windows of the nave, the windows in the stairwells, and the ceiling above the side aisles. The parish engaged an architectural/engineering firm to investigate. A second opinion was commissioned from a firm recommended by the Diocesan Building Office. Both reports agreed that there is serious water infiltration through the masonry of the north and south walls of the church, as well as through the flat roofs of the side aisles and the vestibules. We were advised that the condition is critical and that work should be undertaken immediately.

Scope of the work:
The project encompasses three phases: masonry pointing, parapet repair, and new flat roofs.
• The entire expanse of the north and south walls of the nave, from the roofline to the first-floor roof, needs to be repointed. Scaffolding has been erected along the south wall. The grinding of the old mortar, and the replacement of new mortar in currently under way. When the south wall is completed (probably in early July) the north wall will be addressed.
• The parapet that runs along the north and south first-story flat roofs (over the side aisles) is critically compromised. The through-wall flashing has deteriorated, and the water has caused serious damage to the first-floor walls. (Graphic examples are the windows in the stairwells leading to the St. Agnes Room.) The affected area extends from the limestone coping along the top of the parapet to just over the lintels of the first-floor (square) windows. Much of the brickwork needs to be repaired or replaced. That work, too, is currently in process.
• The first-floor flat roofs need to be replaced. That work will be undertaken when the first two phases are completed and the scaffolding has been removed.
• Finally, when the exterior repairs have been completed, the interior of the church will be repaired and repainted as required.

This is work of considerable scope – and considerable expense. It was not included in the original Capital Campaign because the need was not apparent at the time. In the near future we will be sharing with our parishioners how we hope to address that need.

In the meantime, we apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

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