Communion Guidelines

Posted on September 08, 2020 in: General News

Communion Guidelines
Please note the latest liturgical protocols we have received from the diocese:
· Beginning at the Saturday & Sunday Masses on 9/12&13, 2020, Communion will be distributed to the congregation at the usual time in the Mass – no longer after the Final Blessing and Dismissal.
· After he himself has received Communion, the celebrant will sanitize his hands (the chasuble will stay on), put on his face mask, and go to the tabernacle, if needed, to retrieve any ciboria to be used by other ministers.
· The congregation should approach by way of the center aisle, in single file, (NOT the side aisles, to avoid parishioners walking past each other), maintaining the proper distance, to receive Communion.
· They should pull their face masks down just before they are presented with the host and receive the host immediately. They should return to their pews by way of the side aisles.
· After Communion, the celebrant will return to the presider’s chair and remove his face mask to offer the Prayer After Communion, the Final Blessing, and the Dismissal.
· Please note: that the Mass is not over with the reception of Communion. The congregation should remain for the Prayer After Communion, the Final Blessing, and the Dismissal.

Also, it has come to our attention that claims have been made that St. Joseph Parish will not distribute Communion received on the tongue. This is simply not true. And there is a moral obligation in justice that those who have spread this falsehood correct it with the truth.

We have suggested that parishioners receive in the hand, to minimize the risk of contamination from possibly touching an individual’s tongue.

When parishioners have inquired about receiving on the tongue, no individual has been refused. It has been suggested that they receive at the end of the Communion Rite, as per diocesan guidelines: If Communion on the tongue is provided, we recommend at this time either a separate communion station for those receiving Communion on the tongue or that they receive at the end of the distribution of Holy Communion, and we suggest that the minister use hand sanitizer after each communicant who receives on the tongue. (5/07/2020.) We have opted for the second recommendation. Please note: the minister of Communion must sanitize after each communicant who receives on the tongue. This is not required for each communicant who receives in the hand.

We sincerely regret the misinformation that has been spread by individuals ignorant of our parish policy. The commandment of charity and concern for our neighbors’ wellbeing should be our highest priority.