A Farewell to the Sisters

Posted on February 09, 2022 in: General News

This past year saw the departure from St. Joseph Convent of Ss. Ernie, Kathleen, and Clare to their motherhouse in Amityville. Only two sisters were left in residence.

In December I was contacted by S. Peggy McVetty, the Prioress of the Amityville Dominican Sisters, regarding the future use of the convent by their order – a prospect to which I was open and for which I was hopeful.

These discussions were most amicable and constructive. However, the Community reached the decision that the Dominican Sisters will be leaving St. Joseph Parish in July. They will be sorely missed.

I share the letter with our parishioners with a genuine sense of sadness. But the needs of religious life the current times must be taken into account.

As we thank the sisters for their presence and ministry here in St. Joseph, we also thank our parishioners for your kindnesses to all of the sisters in the past.

Msgr. Swiader

*Please click on the attachment for Sister Peggy McVetty's letter