Appreciating the anxieties you are facing, we urge you to please continue supporting your parish with weekly offertory donations. These funds are critical for the continued operation of St. Joseph Parish. Every day, your parish provides for the pastoral and spiritual care of its parishioners. It is there in the happiest moments in your life - weddings, baptisms, first Communions - and is a source of comfort during the most challenging times such as our current crisis or the death of a loved one. There are senior services, food pantries, youth ministries, schools, and on-going religious education. All of this depends on you! We ask that you please consider making the sacrifice, at a minimum, to continue your current weekly level of support.

One easy way to do so is through your parish's online giving provider, Faith Direct. Faith Direct can be accessed at the bottom of the home page of the website. We have also developed a “Text to Give” option for each of our parishes enabling you to make a weekly donation on your smart phone. The "Text to Give" phone number is 516-271-3338 and the code for St. Joseph Parish is 015parishstjoseph 

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