Posted on August 15, 2016

Have you registered with FORMED?

Last March we announced that St. Joseph Parish has taken a parish membership with FORMED, an on-line service that makes available programs of liturgical, theological, and spiritual formation, faith-oriented films for the entire family, e-books, and audios. Many parishioners have told us how very pleased they are with the offerings they have found on FORMED. This is a parish membership; there is no charge for individual parishioners to register and receive free access to all of these resources.
To register:
1. Go to – the opening page comes up
2. Where asked for the Parish Code, enter XRVT66 (uppercase letters.) That is and will be our St. Joseph Parish sign-in code.
3. You will then be asked to create a personal profile with general information (name, address, etc.) Note: no personal data, addresses or phone numbers, will be sold or shared with other vendors. Privacy will be respected.
4. You will be asked to create an e-mail account. The e-mail address you give will be your membership login in the future. (You do not need to use an existing e-mail address; you can create one just for FORMED if you desire.)You will be asked to create a password for your account.
5. When you submit your completed profile, you should be good to go. Once registered, in the future all you need to do is log on to, enter the parish code (XRVT66) and your e-mail address (#4 above.) Then feel free to browse and explore.
Consider enriching your spiritual life with FORMED.