Welcome, Deacon Jack McKenna

Posted on June 21, 2016

Several weeks ago we expressed our deep appreciation to Sr. Louise Cullen and wished her the best on her retirement as the Director of Stewardship at St. Joseph Parish. Sr. Louise will be leaving the office at the end of this month. She will remain in our prayers . . . and our hearts.

At this time I would like to announce the creation of a new position on our Pastoral Staff: Director of Stewardship and Family Ministry. This new position will complement the responsibilities of stewardship with new and additional responsibilities in establishing and supervising a ministry directed at engaging and involving families more actively in the life of the parish, particularly the liturgy. I welcome this opportunity to reach out more widely to our families and our children.

While the restructured staff position is new, the face of that staff member is not – Deacon Jack McKenna. Deacon Jack has a wealth of experience here in St. Joseph. We know him from his role as a permanent deacon at Sunday liturgies, Baptisms, weddings, and wakes. But this new position does not call upon his ordained ministry. Rather, it builds upon his experience at Family Masses, children’s Liturgy of the Word, Religious Education, Vacation Bible School and the Parish Picnic. We want to bring renewed energy to our Family Masses, involving more families actively in planning and celebrating those liturgies. You will be hearing more on this in the fall.

But for now, we are happy to welcome Deacon Jack to this new position on the Pastoral Staff of St. Joseph.