On February 14, 2016 a collection will be taken for “The Church in Need.” The monies collected at this time will be shared among three areas of the world where there is particular need for help:

 Church in Central and Eastern Europe - the Collection provides support for basic pastoral programs and makes scholarships available for students studying to serve their local church. These students become vital participants in the renewal of the Church in the region.

 The Church in Latin America faces many difficult challenges. Natural disasters in many areas caused lasting damage to the Church, while a significant loss of parishioners to migration and to other faiths, the inability to support itself financially, and a lack of priests and religious to help effectively minister to the large number of Catholics continue to trouble the region.

 The Church in Africa – the funds will go to assisting African countries where poverty, sickness and political strife prevent people from living in dignity.

Thank you for your generosity.