The number of persecuted Christians in the world has topped a staggering 100 million according to a recent report from Open Doors USA, an organization that assists persecuted Christians. Paying homage recently to the courage of the Apostles and that of the first Christian community, Pope Francis referenced the “atrocious, inhuman and incomprehensible persecutions, sadly present in many parts of the world today, often under the silent gaze of all”.

Bishop Murphy urges us to reach out and protect these victims who are suffering who are so often the targets of violence and murder, along with other ethnic and religious minorities. To that end, a special collection will be taken up in our parish the weekend of August 1 -2, 2015 to assist those who are suffering religious persecution in Syria and Iraq and wherever needed.

Please continue to pray for peace and if you are able, to support this special collection to assist for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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