Want to bring comfort and peace to the life of a person hospitalized at Winthrop University Hospital, and at the same time add joy and meaning to your own life?

Staff and volunteers in the Department of Pastoral Care and Education at Winthrop Hospital offer communion to Roman Catholic patients seven days a week. We are in need of Eucharistic Ministers to join our Pastoral Care Team to serve one day a week, or even commit to one day a month. We currently have a big need for persons to serve on Sundays.

To serve as Eucharistic Ministers, persons must:

• Be practicing Catholics, distinguished in their Christian life and faith;
• Have received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist;
• Demonstrate a deep reverence for and devotion to the Holy Eucharist;
• Be men or women, lay people, or those in consecrated life, who are in good standing in the local parish;
• Be willing to volunteer at least 3 hours for one day;
• Possess the requisite abilities and temperament to carry out their assignment;
• Be able to deal with the sick and the aged in a compassionate and understanding manner;
• Always conscious of the serious obligation to respect the confidence of those to whom they minister;
• Dressed in a manner consistent with the dignity of their role, being neat in appearance and reverential in deportment at all times;
• Have already completed the Diocese training sessions for Eucharistic Ministry;
• Commit to the initial orientation and training and health clearance, and remain in compliance with annual updates as required by NY state law and the Volunteer Services Office of Winthrop;
• And adhere to all policies and procedures set forth by the Department of Pastoral Care and Education.

To register or to obtain more information, email or telephone:

Reverend Karen Jones, Director
Department of Pastoral Care and Education
Winthrop University Hospital
259 First Street, Mineola, NY 11501
Phone: 516-663-4749 Fax: 516-663-2863