Next Weekend, May 5/6, at all Masses, a second collection will be taken up benefiting our
St. Joseph’s Elementary School and the Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation.

Our school is a wonderful and amazing place for our young Catholics to grow in their faith and
receive an excellent education. The mission of St. Joseph School is to provide an
encouraging and challenging environment that fosters the intellectual, personal and
religious formation of our students, an environment in which they grow to achieve
their full potential, becoming responsible individuals, strong in understanding and
practicing their faith, and lifelong learners with 21st century skills.

The mission of the Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation is to ensure the excellence as well as the
continuance of Catholic Schools on Long Island by increasing awareness and by
providing scholarship and program funding for the needs of students and schools.

Our son is currently in the school, and we are very involved with the foundation.
As both are near and dear to our hearts, we would ask you to help in any way
possible. If you have any questions about either, feel free to reach out to us!

Bobby York, St. Joseph's Parent & St. Joseph's School Board member

Peggy York, St. Joseph's Parent & Tomorrow's Hope Foundation Board Member