Sunday Hospitality and Welcome

Posted on January 23, 2020 in: General News

Catholics as a rule, and especially in regard to Sunday Mass, are people of regular habit – the Mass we usually attend, even the pew where we usually sit. Recognizing that, as well as our need for volunteers to assist our ushers, we are looking to parishioners help to greet their fellow friends and parishioners at Sunday Mass and assist with the Sunday collection at their accustomed Mass.

We are not asking volunteers to change their regular routine – but to coordinate with the ushers at that Mass, to greet Mass-goers as they arrive and then to assist the regular ushers with taking the collection. You may sit with your family and help at the appropriate time. Volunteers need not formally join the St. Joseph Parish Ushers Society (but we encourage you to consider – all are welcome – men and women – and you will receive regular up-date e-mails) but simply to assist at your regular Sunday Mass. If you can offer your services, please speak with one of the ushers at your usual Mass or phone the rectory. Hospitality and Welcome should characteristics not only of our worship, but of our parish life in general. Thank you.