Parish Lenten Project

Posted on February 13, 2020 in: General News


This year, we have selected NEW GROUND for our Lenten Project. NEW GROUND is a unique agency that has been providing a comprehensive array of services for over 28 years to assist homeless veterans and families acquire the skills necessary to obtain and maintain permanent housing. Social workers and educators work with the veterans and families on employment and career counseling, education advocacy and assistance, financial literacy, life skills development including parenting and household maintenance, tutoring and more.

This combination of services for both parents and children transforms those at risk for generations to come and truly “BREAKS THE CYCLE OF HOMELESSNESS” on Long Island.
Please visit the program’s website to learn more about their work.

70 Acorn Lane
Levittown, NY 11756

In the 1980’s, Sr. Mairead Barrett of the Ursuline Order of Tildonk, was living in a homeless shelter with other sisters; they were committed to providing a safe haven for families living in poverty. It became apparent that temporary shelter was only a short term fix for problems that needed multi-faceted solutions. Sr. Mairead envisioned an organization that would provide a holistic range of services which would empower participants to help themselves. In January 1991, she founded New Ground to do just that.

Once the burden of homelessness is lifted, families have more success as they work toward their goal of becoming and remaining self-supporting. Programs that provide career development, education advocacy & assistance, financial literacy, tutoring, and adult workshops offer New Ground participants the path toward transformation and a brighter future.

One New Ground participant described it this way: “My greatest accomplishments in the New Ground program were home ownership, clearing up my credit, going back to school and learning how to be disciplined. The New Ground staff and program….have all the tools that you need to succeed – it’s up to you to use them for your success.”

Next weekend, staff and board members from New Ground will be speaking at all the Masses about the program and how our Parish Lenten Project will help “break the cycle of homelessness” for those in need.