A Message from Father Shibi

Posted on August 25, 2020 in: General News

Dear St. Joseph Family,

It is with a heavy but grateful heart that I write this letter to you. I want to thank each and every one of you for the kindness and love you have shown me during my two years at St. Joseph's Parish. As you know, I have been transferred to St. Ignatius of Loyola Church, Hicksville. Life is always changing. There are so many changes all around us which are reflected in our Parish. In fact, change is the only constant, especially during this pandemic. Our perspectives have been redefined. We have learned that the most important aspect of life is not money, power or pleasure but good health. The pandemic has also opened our eyes to see life as a gift from God and a life without God is a void existence. We are adjusting to the new normal where there are new forms of hospitality, fraternity, and solidarity. We miss hugs, shaking hands, and the warmth of togetherness and friendship. However, we are united in spirit and prove that coronavirus is not the only thing that is contagious; happiness is contagious too!

This is a challenging time to move and begin a new role. I am trusting in the Lord's plan and entrusting myself to the maternal protection of the Blessed Mother. I am confident that the lessons I have learned at St. Joseph's will enable me to fulfill the expectation of God that has been revealed through Bishop John Barres. In a special way, I want to thank Monsignor Swiader for his leadership, professionalism, and encouragement, Rev. Prasanna for being my big brother, Rev. Deacon Jack for his selfless support and the community of Sisters here at St. Joseph's for their affection and prayers.
I was warmly welcomed at St. Joseph School, the Religious Education Program, the Parish Social Ministry, the Rosary Altar Society, the Knights of Columbus, the Pro-life Ministry, and the Nocturnal Adoration Society. Through prayer and presence, I have learned from you the spirit of gentleness, compassion, and peace. As the moderator of the Tuesday morning Gospel Reflection Group and the Mother’s Prayer Group, we together searched for the meaning of life and supported each other's growth in holiness.

One of the highlights of Saint Joseph's Parish is the Music Ministry. Thank you, Joseph Cangialosi, for uplifting our hearts to God. Thank you to the Cantors, Lectors, Ushers, Altar Servers, Ministers of Consolation, Sacristan Jimmy Szeles, and the many other volunteers who have supported my priestly ministry and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

Our rectory is a place where you can live without a mask; that means being true to yourself, being genuine. Our Office Manager Barbara Stay, Secretary Maria Negron, Facilities and Business Managers Jerry Tangredi and Carianne Kokiadis, Outreach Director Anna Sirianni, School principal Brian Colomban and staff, Lisa Spohr, Cathy O’Sullivan and Tina Cento of Religious Education and other staff have helped me each in a special way.

Dear beloved St. Joseph Parishioners, I am overwhelmed with gratitude as I recall the two years I have been with you. I am so proud that I have been a part of the St. Joseph's family. In spite of the struggle of leaving, I am grateful for the wonderful relationships we have made. As I begin my walk with God at St. Ignatius, please accompany me with your prayers and love.

Thank you all for being a blessing in my life and please pray for me. You will always be in my prayers. St. Ignatius reminds us to find God in everything and to do everything for the greater glory of God!
Fr. Shibi Pappan

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