What is The Spiritual Adoption Novena?
Praying daily for unborn babies
in danger of abortion, one baby at a time.
The Spiritual Adoption Novena is a nine‐month prayer initiative for the
intention of protecting unborn babies from abortion, one baby at a time.
The Novena begins on March 25, the Feast of The Annunciation, the day when
the Blessed Mother consented to become the Mother of God. It concludes on
December 25, Christmas, the celebration of the birth of the infant Jesus. Thus,
it coincides with the nine‐month period when Jesus developed within His
mother’s womb.
At Christmastime, we hold a parish‐wide baby shower to benefit Long Island’s
maternity homes.
Please consider “spiritually adopting” an unborn baby who is in danger of
abortion and praying for that baby every day for nine months. It is not a “literal
adoption”. Rather, it is a spiritual commitment to pray for one special baby in
order that he/she may be allowed to grow and develop in the womb and, in
nine‐months’ time, be born.
You may never know the baby for whom you pray, but your prayers can help
save his or her life and be a great spiritual support for his or her parents. Please
use the prayers that are included herein.
You are encouraged to name the child whom you “spiritually adopt” ‐ perhaps
after a lost loved one or a favorite saint. Naming your “spiritually adopted”
baby will serve to foster a bond between you and the baby, and also
may provide you with an opportunity to fondly recall someone you love.
There are more than one million abortions a year in the United States, and
there is reason to believe that this number may increase. For example, here in
New York, with the passage of the Reproductive Health Act on January 22,
2019, abortions may now be performed for any or no reason up until the
moment of birth, and abortionists are no longer required to provide medical
assistance to a baby who survives an abortion. The need for prayer is urgent.

Thank you for participating in our Spiritual Adoption Novena. Please take the attached card
home for your daily reference. May God bless your efforts on behalf of
the unborn babies.

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