Capital Campaign Update

Posted on May 22, 2017 in: General News

May 2017

Dear Parishioners,

We are just at the half-way point in our three-year Capital Campaign, and I would like to give you a report about where the Campaign and the projects stand.

I am happy and deeply grateful to say that our Campaign has reached and exceeded its goal of $2,600,000.00. The Campaign pledges amount to $2,851,253.32 – received from 473 pledges. The account currently stands at $2,027,947.19 already received from these pledges. An admirable example of the loyalty and generosity of the parishioners of St. Joseph. I thank you most sincerely, each and every one. Every pledge and gift, no matter how large or how small, made this possible. New pledges are always welcome.

Phase I – in the church
Already completed:

• Design and replacement of the air-conditioning system;
• General construction;
• Removal, retuning, & replacement of the organ pipes;
• Asbestos abatement & air monitoring;
• Permits, engineers’ & architects’ fees
• Contingency.
Originally budgeted; $1,186,652.00. Actually spent $1,127,279.50. Under budget: $59,372.50.

Phase II – church, school, and convent
Work already completed:

• Refinishing pews & kneelers;
• Refinishing doors;
• Air conditioning in the Saint Agnes Room;
• Assisted hearing devices in the church;
• New convent windows;
• New school building & gym windows;
• New school building and gym roof;
• Asbestos investigation and air monitoring
• Architect’s and engineer’s fees.
Work still to be addressed:
• Hardware and mechanisms for church doors;
• Exterior convent elevator;
• General construction for the elevator;
• Auditorium ventilation system;
• Media center for the Saint Agnes Room
• Renovation of Convent Center meeting rooms, 1st & 3rd floors.

The final budget figures for this phase are being adjusted as we receive bids, await diocesan approval, and as some of the work originally planned is reviewed and adapted (e.g., the original plans to air condition the auditorium have been revised to install a ventilation system instead – which will amount to a considerable saving. We have not yet received all of the bids for the elevator general construction work.) However, we are projecting that we will be below budget. Again, good news.

However, there is bad news. In the course of the work on the church, we have uncovered severe water damage, evidence of which you can see around the windows, especially the windows in the vestibules and the stairwells (take time to look at the damage that continues in the stairwells), on the north wall between the windows, and on the first-floor ceilings above the side aisles.) When first noticed, we hoped to address specific locations. Now we recognize that it is a more extensive problem. We have located three main sources of this damage: water collecting and leaking through the one-story flat roofs above the side aisles; damaged and leaking gutters and leaders, especially on the north (Fifth Street) roof; and water penetration of the second-story walls on both the north and south (Fourth Street) walls. None of this presents any danger to worshippers. But it is clear that more of the building is in need of major repair to prevent further water damage. The conditions will only get worse. (I tell you this so that you do not think that we are unaware of this situation.)

We need to address this work without delay. This this will impact the Capital Campaign, we estimate increasing our needed goal by $500,000.00; hence our need for additional pledges. Any and all are welcome. I will share more information with you in September. We will spend the summer further investigating the situation and initiating steps to begin remediation.

But let me conclude on a positive note: we are most grateful for your support of the Campaign as it first kicked off 18 months ago. I thank you again, and will, in a spirit of responsible stewardship as your pastor, keep you informed of our progress and our challenges.

Msgr. Swiader

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